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Medical Quiz #12 – Answers

by Suzanne Daniluk, RN on June 19th, 2012

 Answers to last week’s Weird Medicine, Part 2 Quiz:  

1.   You can have surgery to become taller.

True, though it sounds painful. Cosmetic surgery to increase height involves cutting the long bones of the legs and inserting extenders which add length to a limb as it heals.

2.   The color of a pill has no influence on its effect.

False. The influence of color on one’s perception of how well medication works is part of the placebo effect. When study subjects were given placebo pills colored either red or blue, and told that the pills contained either a sedative or a stimulant, the majority of subjects taking the blue pills reported drowsiness. Blue is associated with relaxation; sleeping pills are often blue, as is their packaging.

3.   It is impossible to be allergic to water.    

False. Persons with “aquagenic urticaria” have allergic skin reactions to plain H2O.

4.   Pareidolia is a rare neurological disorder.  

False. Pareidolia means to see human faces in inanimate objects such as the moon. This inborn ability to identify a human face is a survival mechanism. Some amusing examples are here.

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