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Rethinking the Patient’s Medical Chart

by Leah Greene, JD, LLM on January 29th, 2013

Helping patients comprehend treatment plans for illnesses or any chronic medical condition can be a tricky task for some health care providers due to a variety of factors. just named the winners of a contest to make health care records easier for patients and physicians to access and act upon health information.

Each winning design used either color charts, annotated illustrations of the human body, or a calendar of events to redesign the commonly used patient chart.  Each design was awarded for its restructuring health information in a way that was easier to understand than the traditional chart, which typically includes only words and numbers for test results and treatment plans. Each new design also set forth a treatment plan that the patient and physician could follow more easily.The author of this article had some specific positive and negative comments of the judging and each particular design, which you can read here.

Overall, each design demonstrates that there are different ways of structuring a medical note so that patients and physicians can leave an appointment more certain that they understand each other and have the same plan for future treatment.

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