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Medical Quiz #18 – Royal Births

by Suzanne Daniluk, RN on July 18th, 2013

union_jack_baby_booties_310_413_sha_c1As we await the arrival of the Prince or Princess of Cambridge, test your knowledge of royal births.

1.  Name the only British monarch who was a twin.

2.  Who used chloroform for anesthesia during royal childbirth in the 1850’s?

3.  How many days passed before Prince William’s name was made public following his birth?

4.  Which monarch was a preemie?

5. Which food did Anne Boleyn crave during her pregnancy with Henry VIII’s child, the future Queen Elizabeth I:

   a) soft peas

   b) olives

   c) boiled chicken

   d) apples

6.  Who was the first future British monarch to be born in a hospital?

Check back next week for answers (and maybe the Royal baby)!

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