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CMS to Release Physician-Specific Information

by Leah Greene, JD, LLM on April 7th, 2014

ChartOn April 9, 2014, CMS is expected to release physician-specific information about the number and type of health care services that almost 880,000 physicians provided in 2012. The information will also list how much Medicare paid for each service. The information will not disclose patient names, but it will name individual physicians. Physicians who see fewer than 11 Medicare patients will not be included in the disclosure.

The Obama administration decided to allow the disclosure after a years-long battle between the American Medical Association and consumer groups, insurers, and the media. The AMA recommended that physicians be allowed to review and correct any inaccuracies prior to the release of the information. Consumer groups, insurers, and media outlets want to investigate the information for any Medicare fraud or abuse. The information will show which physicians achieved the best results. The AMA expressed concern that the information could mislead the public, especially if a particular physician’s patients are not compliant, resulting in the appearance of bad results.

More information regarding the release of the physician-specific Medicare information is here.

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