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Case Update: Slip & Falls as Chapter 74 Healthcare Liability Claims in Texas

by Marsha Bradley, JD, LLM on April 30th, 2015

If a hospital visitor slips and falls, is it a Chapter 74 health care liability claim? The Texas Supreme Court is currently considering this question. On November 15, 2014, the Court heard oral argument in Ross v. St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital. Additionally, the court requested briefing on the merits in another five slip-and-fall cases: Doctor’s Hospital v. Mejia, CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital v. Guillory, Northeast Methodist Hospital v. Dewey, Reddic v. East Texas Medical Center, and Galvan v. Memorial Hermann Hospital. The court also requested briefing in Baylor University Medical Center v. Lawton, a case considering whether a hospital employee’s toxic inhalation injury claim is a health care liability claim.

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