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Quiz: Do You Know Nursing?

by Suzanne Daniluk, RN on May 7th, 2015

Nurses WeekNurses are 2.7 million strong in the U.S., compared to 1.2 million workers at Wal-Mart – the largest employer in Texas and 19 other states. Nurses outnumber doctors by 4 to 1. Our ranks will have increased by over a half million in 2022. During the celebration of National Nurses’ Week, test your knowledge of nursing (and thank a nurse prn).

1.  The minimum requirement to become a registered nurse in the U.S. is:
A. Certification
B. Bachelor’s degree
C. Associate’s degree
D. Master’s degree

2. The percentage of male nurses in the U.S. is:
A. 2%
B. 4%
C. 10%
D. 15%

3.  More nurses go on to medical school than to graduate-level nursing programs. True or false?

4.  Nurses are responsible for coordinating care of which of the following providers:
A. Social workers
B. X-ray technicians
C. Physical therapists
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

5.  Wal-Mart employees have a higher turnover rate than nurses. True or false?

6.  Which of the following is outside the scope of nursing practice?
A. Drawing blood for lab work
B. Emergency department triage
C. Ordering x-rays
D. Physical assessment
E. Removing sutures

7. Nurses, not doctors, supervise nurses. True or false?

Bonus question – You know you’re a nurse if:
A. You wash your hands before using the restroom.
B. You tuck in your sheet corners like they do in the hospital.
C. You check out other customers’ veins in grocery store lines.
D. You can only tell time with a 24-hour clock.
E. Discussing bodily fluids over a gourmet meal seems perfectly normal to you.
F. Any and/or all of the above.

Check back next week for answers.

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